ActiveIdea V1 Updates and Plans for Near Future

Get ready for very helpful ActiveIdea updates!

Team IDEA is working diligently to create the best freelancing platform backed by blockchain technology at your fingertips!

We are working on a lot of great stuff that can make your ActiveIdea experience as fruitful and easy as possible.

V1 is already up and running! You can sign up and join the ActiveIdea community to use the platform. It is ready for your projects, startup ideas, and gigs! Give it a try and let us know what you think!

In the meantime, here is a solid roadmap of what we are currently working on:

  1. Multiple payment gateways
    • We are planning to add more payment options for our members to make transactions safe and efficient within the platform.
  2. UI/UX updates
    • We’re making things better. Your experience as a member is at the top of our list!
  3. Collecting and adapting updates by community feedbacks
    • We love suggestions! ActiveIdea is yours as much as it is ours, so feel free to give us feedback and we’ll definitely look into it!
  4. Platform translation to multiple languages
    • We are a global platform, that is why optimizing the platform to fit everyone around the globe is at the top of our list as well.
  5. Mobile application (iOS and Android)
    • For our members’ convenience, we are currently working on the ActiveIdea app that will be available both on iOS and Android.
  6. Video explanation for platform use
    • Maximize your experience through a series of knowledge-based content that can help you navigate through ActiveIdea.

We are constantly updating the platform based on the community’s feedback and what the platform needs. We hope you stick around and be part of our continuous progress.

Together, we can make IDEAS happen!

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