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Creating captivating content with colorful high-converting copy is a time-consuming headache.. And in the crypto space where complex computer science and abstract algorithms ‘rule the roost’, You need your own ‘handcrafted honeypot’ to attract every kind of bee out there (customer) and get them to stick with you.. Because think of it this way, It’s true- you may spark an initial ‘Edison light bulb’ interest with your USP (Unique Selling Proposition), And get a few people following your Telegram account.. But they have done that with TONS of other projects already, So how can you make yourself “Seriously Stand Out” in an already overcrowded marketplace? Before I tell you more about how the High Quality Honeypot Crypto Article can help you out let me briefly introduce myself.. Under the tutelage of Billion Dollar Copy Giants ‘Agora Financial’, I honed my “High Income Skills” working with some of the Elite Entrepreneurs in the digital marketing industry.. Only to ditch my millionaire clients, To focus full-time on building the ‘new kid on the block’ ethical blockchain/crypto economy.. “No excuses whatsoever the entire time, so if you were really looking for someone who's going to show up, Jacob shows up when you need him to.” - Dylan Starr- Head of Sales: Team Live Rich Here’s what you’re gonna get when you purchase this gig now.. • Image-rich fully engaging writing to entice your readers. • Five years worth of innovative insider knowledge in blockchain/crypto to bring technical insight. • Persuasive copy to influence and engage your audience. Huge Discount Just For You Because I believe in ‘getting the word out’ about crypto as much as possible, I’ve given a massive price reduction then what I would normally charge for an hours worth of my time.. Although it could go up at any time.. When you purchase now you’ll still be getting your own ‘High Quality Handcrafted Honeypot Article’, For all packages available..

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500 word article on the topic of your choice.


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750 word article on the topic of your choice.


Superstar ‘Spread the Word’ Article

1,000 word article on the topic of your choice.

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No- you will have to provide a brief summary of the content that you would like produced.


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